Current Expertise

Rig Deployment

  • TRDI 75 kHz (used for deepwater) or TRDI 300 kHz (used for shallower water) acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP)
  • 1 x power / signal cable (marine protected)
  • Datalogger
  • Real-time display for assistance with rig operations, live data feed to CLS
Rig based installation of current meter
Rig based installation of current meter. Click for larger image.
Additional Benefits
  • Early and seasonal understanding of currents for field development and construction requirements if discovery
  • Contribute to NCS database of current information
  • Complete understanding of current strength and direction for accurate rig placement when running conductor and riser analyses
  • Current information and accurate mapping can be sent to skimming boats en route to location
  • Improved clean up strategy
  • Dedicated marine current expertise to assist in event of oil spill from both CLS and StormGeo on a 24/7 coverage if needed
Deploying current meters during the drilling phase provides the knowledge to:
  • Provide live data on current information in the event of a spill for deployment of spill containment services
  • Identify areas for environmental investigation of cuttings discharge
  • Improve understanding of weather windows for running risers, disconnecting etc
  • Optimize Waste Management Plan based on accurate dispersion model
Current meter deployed from rig. No additional winches or machinery required
Current meter deployed from rig. No additional winches or machinery required
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Current Expertise
Current Expertisxe
Current Expertisxe