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Buoy Guard

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Released in August 2014, Buoy Guard is a step change in remote buoy surveillance

Buoy Guard is custom fitted to a buoy providing:
  •  Warning to nearby vessels traffic of it’s location and function using standard marine AIS transmission
  •  Ability to track and monitor buoy position by satellite incase of release from mooring
  •  Verify the AIS transmission is still functioning using S-AIS satellite coverage
  •  Easy to deploy philosophy. Robust and simple enough to be deployed during anchor handling operations. 
  •  Adaptability for all existing buoys in Norway and globally
  •  Option to run full AIS/ARGOS system or switch off one function depending on application
  •  Customer buoys visible in website by satellite tracking

Movement at location - monitored inside Watch Circle
ARGOS Satellite information during transit
Head of an ADCP with the four transducers
Buoy Guard - a Smarter Buoy is available through our partners IOS Intermoor – global mooring specialists
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Phone: +47 400 99 630
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