Current Expertise

Prior to Rig Arrival Deployment

  • Seabed mounted so reduced risk of 3rd party interference
  • Maximum profiling range approximately 500m (deeper on request)
  • Satellite tracking beacon in case of accidental surfacing
  • Dual acoustic releases for redundancy
Typical current meter installation prior to rig arrival deployed by Anchor Handler
Typical current meter installation prior to rig arrival deployed by Anchor Handler. Click for larger image.
Deploying current meters at the earliest stages of exploration drilling (the site survey) provides the knowledge to:

  • Build the current model based on scientifically derived and seasonally accurate information
  • Build cuttings dispersion models with accurate current data over the entire water column
  • Determine the impact of cuttings discharge before rig arrives
  • Optimise rig and spud placement in environmentally sensitive locations
  • Generate an accurate current and therefore spill model before moving on location
Additional Benefits
  • Early and seasonal understanding of currents for field development and construction requirements if discovery
  • Contribute to NCS database of current information
  • Complete understanding of current strength and direction for accurate rig placement when running conductor and riser analyses
  • Current information and accurate mapping can be sent to skimming boats en route to location
  • Improved clean up strategy
  • Dedicated marine current expertise to assist in event of oil spill from both CLS and StormGeo on a 24/7 coverage if needed
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Current Expertise