Current Expertise AS provide and deploy current
metering, surface drifting equipment and buoy surveillance for:

 - Accurate dispersion models for the protection of the environment such as cold water corals and sponges
 - Oil spill tracking via satellite and location specific current models in case of incident or accute spill
 - Current models prior to installation of production platforms
 - Location specific current models for exploration wells
 - Real time current information to client desktop
 - Marine safety
 - Optimized anchor handling operation


Real time information

Current Expertise
Real time current measurement over the entire water column is for the first time made available via the Storm Geo portal and uploaded to the location specific current model. Real time current data is vital for accurate cuttings dispersion modelling and oil spill tracking in combination with advanced weather information and forecasting

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NASA ­ Perpetual Ocean

Current Expertise
NASA computer visualization of ocean currents on earth from June 2005 through December 2009. The animation gives a good indication on the complexity related to ocean currents and how they vary throughout the world.

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Current Expertise
Released in August 2014,  Buoy Guard is a step change in remote buoy surveillance 

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Current Expertise